2 Ways Leishmaniasis in Dogs Transmitted to Humans

Leishmaniasis in dogs is a disease that affects dogs and is caused by parasites that are installed in the animal body and affects their normal functioning of the skin, tissues and vital organs.

Since 2012 there is a vaccine to prevent this disease that can be fatal for some animals, so it is important to know a little more about.



Both in the case of this disease suffer a dog or a person should know that the focus of transmission is a female mosquito.

Never was remarked, never a dog can infect a person of leishmaniasis always be if it has been bitten by the mosquito that transmits the disease.

The both canine and human leishmaniasis is transmitted by the bite of a mosquito containing the parasite leishmaniasis: this is the only mode of transmission by which you can catch this disease.

Leishmaniasis in Dogs treatment

The mosquito that transmits is very small and is known by the name of sandfly, bull, pen or carachai. Bear in mind that this bug, if it comes into contact with a human, also will transmit the disease but never return to remark that a person will be infected by a dog .

The leishmaniasis in humans usually occur in people with weak immune system they can see how the disease comes to worse; but in the remaining patients who are infected by the bite of the mosquito, symptoms are no more than a simple dermatological condition without any big health risk.

However, it is recommended that if you or your dog may have leishmaniasis choose us to a specialist to give you the guidelines Owe continue to treat the disease.


For you dog is protected from the spread of Leishmaniasis in dogs is recommended that the new vaccine sconces that appeared in 2012 and is intended to prevent the disease develops and may affect the health of your dog.

However, the vaccine against does not cure the disease but is indicated to prevent contagion. To treat the disease, there are several drugs that depend on the type of leishmaniasis with your dog has been infected and the degree to which their organs are affected. But it is early, the disease can be fatal to your pet.

Leishmaniasis in Dogs symptoms

Leishmaniasis in Dogs is a disease that affects dogs and Cat in the Wold

Leishmaniasis vaccine does is create a cellular immunity, ie get the cells reach destroy the disease in the case where the dog is infected.

There is a vaccine mandatory but is highly recommended to protect your pet from this serious disease.

The vaccine can be applied puppies that are equal to or greater than 6 months of age should always be supervised under a veterinarian.

In addition to the vaccine, there are other methods of disease prevention such as the placement of pipettes or flea collars; unComo in this article are some ideas on how to prevent leishmaniasis in dogs.


Just as it is important to know how it spreads, it is also imperative to know what the symptoms of leishmaniasis are to be able to detect if your pet is suffering from this disease.

The most common symptoms are:

Hair Loss: the area of the head or body of your pet begins to have less hair than
normal and even can get  to see how you appear dandruff.
Your dog’s nails grow more quickly.
The skin looks swollen or red.
Wounds that your dog does not completely heal properly.
You develop sores on the body, especially in the area of the limbs or head.
Leishmaniasis in Dogs vaccine

Leishmaniasis in dogs vaccine does is create a cellular immunity, ie get the cells reach destroy the disease in the case where the dog is infected


Eyes inflamed and can, they are also red.


The dog is more tired, weak and weary shown.


Weight loss significantly.


Onset of fever and dizziness.




Swollen joints that can produce lameness.

Swollen lymph nodes, especially in the neck and the inside of the legs.

If you see that your dog has any of these symptoms, or several at once, go immediately to a veterinarian to diagnose if you have been infected with leishmaniasis. In unComo are some tips on what to do if your dog has leishmaniasis.


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