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Which dog food should I choose, dry or wet?

Selecting the right dog food for your pet is often a daunting task! The owner of a dog has to go to the vet’s surgery or read about it in specialised magazines in order to make the best choice for his faithful companion.

But which one do I choose?…is the most common question at the vet’s office, you have to take into account certain criteria first of all dogs need a balanced diet of digestible proteins and fibre in order to keep them healthy and have normal bowel movements, there is no doubt that considering the right food for your beloved pet is part of your responsibility as an owner.

Take into account these interesting tips and I assure you that the final decision is not as complicated as it may seem:

There are two types of dog food depending on the amount of water they carry, then we find the dry diet and the wet diet.

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The dry food or feed has advantages for your pet, the dog food in the form of pellets or dry bones is the most consumed and is due to the ease of storage and the level of conservation that has, in addition there is a huge variety of brands on the market taking into account the breed and size of your pet.

The dog food in the form of pellets or dry bones is the most consumed

Dry dog food can be left out on display in the food bowl without fear of spoilage, it also does not easily attract unwanted flies and if your pet loves to make a colourful mess when eating it is advisable to eat this type of dry food.

Dry dog food keeps well in a plastic container with an airtight lid, keeping it fresh for longer and away from insects, rodents and other animals as well as your own pet’s mischief.

If you choose a high quality product with lots of energy, your dog will need less food so it will be more cost effective and you will make significant savings.

Dry food prevents tartar build-up on the teeth, and its crunchy texture helps to remove plaque from the teeth.

Your pet’s stools will also be much more compact with the consumption of dry food, which is less messy when it comes to grooming the area.

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Canned dog food or wet dog food and its advantages, including your pet’s health considerations, can make wet dog food a more viable option when making the decision to choose it.

It is a source of hydration when your pet doesn’t drink as much water as it should.

It is an option for dogs who have lost teeth; who have misaligned jaws or small mouths, because of the difficulty of chewing crunchy or harder foods.

Selecting the right dog food for your pet is often a daunting task.

Elderly dogs who have lost some sense of smell are more motivated to eat wet food because of the delicious aroma, soft texture and more appealing taste.

Quality canned dog food is also a good alternative when the dog is sick and inappetent; this will ensure that they are getting the hydration, protein, vitamins and minerals they need on a daily basis to keep them healthy.

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It also has its disadvantages, and that is that if you only provide wet food your pet will be predisposed to develop dental problems and will need regular, more frequent veterinary care and visits to the vet.

Once canned dog food has been opened, it needs to be consumed quickly as it loses its shelf life; it needs to be well preserved and refrigerated; it should not be left exposed as it attracts insects.

Wet food brands are generally not as economical as dry diet food or dry feed, another option recommended by many dog nutrition experts is to mix both types of food.

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