4 Ideal pets for children with respiratory problems

Pets for Children are very likely to want to have a pet and, in many cases, parents do not allow it because they consider it too great a burden.

While some pets require care and attention, it is also true that some others are easy to care and children themselves can perform key tasks.

So you know what you should put in this article we tell you what the best pets for children are.

Asthma, characterized by chronic inflammation of the respiratory mucosa, is a disease that can affect the daily life of the smallest if not properly treated.

And one of the areas in which more reflected in the limitation is to have certain types of pets, due to their coat or the amount of dander or pollen they generate.

Ideal Pets For Children low maintenance

However there are always good and attractive alternatives, so if you want to buy from your asthmatic child an animal, unComo.com you explain what the best pets for children with asthma are.

One of the first things you think of when you live with a little asthmatic, is the impossibility of having a dog.

While all dogs produce dander and release calls or pollen particles which can be harmful to people with asthma and allergies, there are dog breeds that do to a lesser extent, being more suitable for asthmatic children.

For example breeds like Yorkshire Terrier, Irish Terrier, American Terrier, Poodle, Maltese, Chihuahua or Shih Tzu, are good options for children with asthma can expect the dog you have always dreamed. However, if the box has a little severe asthma, it is best to consult your doctor before purchasing the animal.

But of course beyond the dogs there are many attractive to become the perfect pet for a child with asthma options.

make animal Pets For Children

Pets for Children with Respiratory Diseases may Quietly Possess


Fish are a common alternative, as well as becoming a great way to teach the smaller the value of responsibility and care for the living beings.

One advantage is that the tanks give a beautiful touch to our home, but require care or important.

Fish not behave too much maintenance, you only need to feed them and clean the aquarium; You can see more detail how to care for fish properly.

If you have a garden with enough space, you can even install and maintain a fish pond.

Turtles, both aquatic and terrestrial, are also a great alternative. While not offering the same interaction that a dog or a cat, they become very special and dear ones for children.

Types of Pets For Children

So you know what you should put in this article we tell you what the best pets for children are.


Other less conventional animal for a child, but which may also be suitable for asthmatics pets are the iguana, chameleon and snakes.

While most parents might resist this idea, there are those who appreciate these species and not fear them as pets.

If this is the case in your family, do not hesitate to ask your child about these animals.

For those a little older and want to opt for a more exotic animal children, iguanas can be a good idea.

They are not aggressive, but their appearance can they seem,  nor are they difficult to care for, you can see it.


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