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Tibetan Spaniel: Get to Know This Beautiful Dog

Before adopting a Tibetan Spaniel, it is important to take into account certain aspects of this breed of dog, so you should go to the maximum Tibetan Spaniel information as possible so that you have knowledge and make sure it is the right dog for you.

The standard Tibetan Spaniel may be small, but don’t be fooled: it is an alert dog that will keep you on guard and let you know if a stranger is getting too close to your home. Don’t be surprised if you find him on top of something that gives him a better view of his surroundings.

When he’s not looking after you and your family, this little dog will be happy to be a wonderful companion and lapdog. On top of all that, he is intelligent, happy and comes with a black and white Tibetan Spaniel coat that is easy to care for.

A great friend to the elderly and those living in small homes, the Tibetan Spaniel can be aloof with strangers, but will become friendly once he gets to know them.

Also, among the curiosities of the Tibetan Spaniel is that he is sensitive to the moods and needs of his family, the Tibetan Spaniel Cross King Charles Cavalier will do his best to satisfy them.

Origin of the Tibetan Spaniel

The Tibetan Spaniel is one of the three native races of Tibet. This breed originally guarded Tibetan monasteries, were called ‘lion dogs’ and were considered a symbol of Buddha.

 Tibetan Spaniel puppies

Although the antiquity of this breed is unknown, evidence and historical artifacts have been found that speculate that the Tibetan Spaniel could be more than 1000 years old. This breed was even valued and given to royal families and dignitaries as gifts.

They also served the monks as companions and bed-warmers. With their keen eyesight and ears, the Tibetan Spaniels acted as watchmen, lying on the high walls of the monastery and barking, warning the larger Tibetan monks and Mastiffs whenever anything approached.

Personality of the Tibetan Spaniel breed

When Tibetan Spaniel puppies are on sale, before proceeding with adoption, consider the personality of these dogs to determine if it is compatible with you, your family and your home.

So in terms of personality, this is a very intelligent breed that thrives on human companionship. Although they can be distant with strangers, they are loving and dedicated to their family and friends.

When they are being judged, they may not look directly at you and do not like to be put down. They are very sensitive dogs; they understand and respond to your moods and feelings. They are not guard dogs and should never show signs of aggression.

They are faithful to their former duties in the monasteries, so they will alert you vigorously to any unusual event or arrival of a stranger.

However, they do not bark unnecessarily.

Neither nervous, nor hyperactive, the Tibetan Spaniel crossed with Poodle is like a big dog on a small body.

You could say that they are a compact package, they are very good companion dogs.

They enjoy any high observation post, like a window sill from which they can inspect their territory, and at the same time they will be very happy to snuggle up and keep you warm or snuggle up in soft pillows or clothes.

They have keen vision, keen hearing, and good ability to smell. They have a very long life span and do not tend to age early.

Tibetan Spaniel Training

Due to its stubborn streak, the Tibetan Spaniel can be difficult to train. For best results, start early and become the Alpha of the home. If your dog takes advantage, it will be difficult to train him.

For best results, use positive training reinforcements such as praise and treats.

And keep training sessions short and interesting to keep your dog’s attention. You’ll be happy to know that Tibetan Spaniels are very easy to train at home and it’s recommended that you train your dog in a cage.

These dogs are known to be vocal and alert you to the presence of a stranger. With patience and consistency, it is possible to train them to stop barking once they have alerted you to the possible threat, so the Tibetan Spaniel for adoption is an excellent option.

Tibetan Spaniel mix

Tibetan Spaniel Fur

With a silky double coat, the coat of the Tibetan Spaniel is long on the ears, tail, back of the front legs and buttocks, and is soft on the face and front of the legs.

They can wear a long coat that covers the rest of the body and a mane around the neck called a shawl. Regarding the Tibetan Spaniel coat colors, it can come in many colors and patterns.

The Tibetan Spaniel sheds some hair throughout the year. To keep his coat free of tangles and mats, you should brush your dog two or three times a week.

The longevity of the Tibetan Spaniel

The Tibetan Spaniel crosses with other races or the pure Tibetan Spaniel, regardless of which, are famous for living to an advanced and healthy age, often 15 years or even older.

If an older person is thinking about having a Tibetan Spaniel, it is only fair to consider making provisions for the dog’s future.

Owning a Tibetan Spaniel is not a matter to be treated lightly. If you treat them sensibly, love them, keep their Tibetan Spaniel to a suitable weight and give them the consideration that is due to a dog of aristocratic origin, you will have a companion that is all you need.

Tibetan Spaniel for sale

Tibetan Spaniels are the perfect little dog: active, not very nervous, alert to possible intruders, healthy and extremely intelligent, what more could you want?

Breeding a Tibetan Spaniel

Think of your Tibetan Spaniel puppy as a baby. These babies also need a routine: regular meals, nap and sleep times, playtime and toilet time.

Children are attracted to these dogs because of their small stature and sweet face, but the Tibetan Spaniel needs a friendly place that is free from cruelty, even unintentional ones, such as rough handling.

He also needs a safe home free from dangers such as poison or exposed wires.

A Tibetan Spaniel’s affection for his owner can be similar to worship.

Although independent in spirit, they are naturally clean and easy to train. If properly and gently disciplined, they will easily obey a loving and trustworthy owner.


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