What 5 Diseases are Most Common in Small Breeds of Dogs

If your Small Breeds pet is a dog and we have acquired from puppyhood, or surely we will have to live some kind of situation where our puppy be sick.

Undoubtedly a puppy regardless of their breed or strain, must be cared for and protected like a baby, because from the moment of birth or some drawbacks health complications can occur, even if everything goes the best mother puppies can deal with them so far to be taken some measures to protect against the most common diseases that can attack dogs.

If your pet is female and has had puppies, we must be aware of any noise or squeal that present the newborn puppy and / or days of life may be the case that is costing him difficulty breathing, which may occur by a simple cold or a more serious case that mealtime is gone you lungs milk of the mother, but whatever the case, and if symptoms best persist is to go to our trusted veterinarian and do check.

The most common diseases in Small Breeds dogs can occur from very cubs, diseases such as canine parvovirus enteritis, canine distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza and rabies, no abiding.

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That is why we must choose an appropriate vaccination plan because these diseases are preventable if we take all necessary steps to ensure that our puppy will not get sick and to avoid complications in the future.

Actions as simple as maintaining proper hygiene in your pet and where the lives are of great help to any deficiency is not present in the health of our beloved animal, thus having a long and happy life.

We leave you with other common diseases that can occur in the way of life of Small Breeds our dog, symptoms and the most common treatment:


Symptoms: testicular swelling, abortions and infertility. It is a bacterial disease that manifests in dogs and is transmitted through sexual contact and by ingestion of infectious waste. Abortions in pregnant females and occurs in male infertility and testicular inflammation.

Small Breeds of Dogs

Most Common Diseases in Small Breeds of Dogs are Relatively Easy to Control


Treatment: Antibiotics. Check with your veterinarian.


Hip dysplasia

Symptoms: to identify if your pet suffers from this evil identify if there limp, usually animals feel pain and have the inflamed area. Hip dysplasia is detectable by radiographs.

Treatment: Call your veterinarian. You can confine large breed gym, adjacent to a dietary control.



Symptoms: Swollen glands, swollen mammary glands of the bitch. It is usually caused by infection.

Treatment: Cleaning and disinfection of the site and consultation with a veterinarian.



Symptoms: Vomiting, diarrhea, fever, poor appetite, lot of urine, excessive thirst, difficulty in movement. Vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, extreme thirst, difficulty in movement and fever appear.

In severe cases it can take the animal to death as a result of toxins released into the blood and severe infection. There is accumulation of pus in the uterine cavity.

Small Breeds of cats

Treatment: Depending on the particular case of the dog and the animal sterilization is recommended. Also consult with the vet said treatment.



If your Small Breeds of dogs pet is a dog and we have acquired from puppyhood, or surely we will have to live some kind of situation where our puppy be sick



Symptoms: Lameness, pain when walking, infection, blood, wounds and skin cracks.

The animal limps and show pain when walking, pus, infection, blood, prostration, sores or cracks. It is caused by parasites such as mange.

The causes are excessive moisture or disinfectants that are commonly used in the home, such as cleaning detergent or spry.

Treatment: Wash with soap and water to the affected area, then wipe the area. Take to the vet ASAP.

Given the large number of diseases that can have the dog, it is very difficult indeed to make,  make a list, so before any irregular symptoms, should go to the vet because they act accordingly depending on the condition measures and actions appropriate.

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