Tips to train your cat

How to Train your Cat to Leave It Alone at Home in 5 Easy Steps

If you have to train your cat pet, then it may be that you have been presented with the case that when you go out and you have to stay alone at home, you start crying and meowing too much, that is.

You can not tolerate the fact of feeling alone And this usually happens very often, there are many cats that when they find out that they have been left alone in the house, they begin to despair because what they least want is to be alone.


And this not to train your cat can become a problem more complicated and large than it seems, because in the long run who will end up affecting you, because for example.

If on occasion you should go on a trip and not You can take your cat, you will feel guilty leaving him alone because of the way he behaves when you do it.

  Advantages of train your cat

However, when training your cat this behavior can be changed completely, since the cats are naturally independent, although this does not mean that you will not be surprised when you do not feel close.

Therefore, although it seems little credible if you can be shaping the way in which your cat behaves in this type of situations.

This is something that usually happens in baby cats or that are new to the house, since they are not conditioned to that environment, it is a completely new place for them and in you they find the protection they need to be able to face this situation , and when they see you are not, it is very worrying for them.

And although many people believe the opposite of cats, which are very distant from people and prefer to be alone, this is not the case. Cats really love that they love him, feel loved, caress them, etc.

Tips to train your cat

Tips to train your cat and learn to be alone at home


1) Distract it: One of the most effective ways to train your cat so that the time that is only your cat is super fast is leaving distractions in your home, and one of the best options are the toys because they will be concentrated playing with them while you are not.

The same thing happens to cats as to people when they are having a good time, because they lose track of time itself and then in the blink of an eye you will be back in the house without your cat becoming anxious nor cry for you.

2) Do not make it completely dependent on you: The main thing when it comes to having your cat train, is that it does not depend entirely on you, but is independent on its own.

When he behaves in an inadequate way when he is alone at home, it is a sign that he does not know how to be alone, and when this happens it means that the cat feels stressed, anxious, distrustful and does not even have confidence in himself.

To train your cat and learn to be independent the fundamental thing is that you distribute your time well, so that you have time to play together, time for you to love him and the time left so that both are alone.

Benefits of train your cat

When train your cat behaviors can be changed completely, since cats are naturally independent


3) Do not call attention to everything: When a cat has an inappropriate behavior, call them attention or hit them is not good at all, because cats are not characterized precisely by being submissive, in addition to the fact of receiving ill treatment on the part of its owner and with certain regularity.

The only thing that it achieves is that the cat is becoming more distrustful and consequently it will never learn to behave correctly when it is alone, besides that treating it like this also makes it dependent on you and this It is not what you want to achieve either.

4) Transmit tranquility: It is one of the most important steps to train your cat and that your cat learns to be alone at home, if you want your cat to feel calm and safe in your home, then you must start by feeling like that first. to then transmit it to your pet.

5) You must find the way in which you can feel this way and then carry out the emission of this sensation to your cat. Keep in mind that all the emotions you feel, your cat will perceive them.

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Train your cat so that the time your cat is alone is super fast is leaving him distractions in his house


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