10 Best Dog Breeds For Children to Know The Details That Characterize

Welcoming a best dog at home means increasing a family member with all the consequences that implies. Therefore, we must take into account and how to choose which dog is the general trend of that race when coexistence. Moreover if we have children with us, because we have to find a dog that certainty that adapts well to have them.


Living with children involves sometimes stressful situations. No stop, are very active, they need entertainment and sometimes can be very whimsical. Animals do not always understand why they do not have to be so much better that we choose will be quite cautious by nature patient race. Since then they propose.

Golden Retriever

His ability to convey love and the innate goodness of this breed are known for the disabled who need your help spare. Ease of learning and goodness that have made them sweat the quintessential guide dogs.

Golden Retrievers are very docile dogs and is not propaganda is a reality, so they are really perfect and ideal for a good family life are caring for and playing with children, and also something that is important to mention is that do not support solitude.

They are very playful animals and patient enough. Without any doubt, this breed of dog is truly one of the best companions that can have children.

Best Dog Breeds For Children to Know The Details


The Dalmatian is one of the most popular breeds for fame that has given the big screen. What opportunities and in some cases is unknown is the personality or character that have these dogs.

They adapt to many situations: labor, protection or company. They are extremely loyal and courageous to the point of risking to protect his family. Overall, they are good dogs also very friendly, outgoing and like to love to play anywhere and get active, perfect for supporting the trot of a little boy.

San Bernardo

The rough and rugged appearance of these dogs contrasts with his easy-going nature, patient and peaceful.

It has great physical strength make him an extraordinary and good guard dog, friend, playmate peroo also good for the field work and the mountains, but also very docile who welcomes you. In fact, lately conceived and devotes time, and each day more like dog excellent company.

Having a purebred St. Bernard in the family is like having the best of dog sitters as they are amply protective and attentive to other children.


It is a race with enough variety among its copies, both by size and by fur. In general, all these beautiful dogs have good characteristics they are very versatile for group life and family, but the dwarf Schnauzer is the best of them as a pet.

They own, original and innate for monitoring around qualities, providing constant attention to everything in all around them, which attached or coupled to their complicity and attachment to people, you become a good and excellent friend, companion and guard dog for children. Care for them fully and will play without any problems.


The Bobtail has a reputation for being a very docile dog and a very quick learner. Therefore, it has been converted into an animal remarkable for the company.

We must be careful with your hair because it will be more conducive to getting dirty and tangled, and also suffering from the hitches children. But we must clarify something they are not noted for being a violent and aggressive dogs, but the opposite is true.

It is familiar and feels comfortable living among people.


Best Dog Breeds For Children to Know The Details

There are ten breeds that are ideal or best dog for kids


The Boxer is one of the most loyal breeds with their masters. Your physical body and is really quite strong and muscular, and wastes a lot of docility and great sympathy in the field or the field of child and family.

I love games and you will not run out of patience, the very best qualities to be with children.

His noble character also must say that is used for therapeutic purposes because of the joy it brings to human.

German Shepherd

The versatility of this breed has to adapt to all circumstances and people is what also makes it a good companion animal in the presence of young children.

The German Shepherd is an excellent, respectful, obedient and protective of his home and family worker.

The ease with which the train leaves makes it a candidate to keep in mind to live with it.


Best Dog Breeds For Children to Know The Details

There are several races that really for their character features are ideal or best dog for children




The Pomeranian is one of the best races to live in a downtown apartment, since they are very affectionate and playful little dogs. Kids especially like for its fun appearance and fur that make them look authentic stuffed animals. Are actually inseparable in contact every day, so they are certainly suitable for home and for children as long as there is a relaxed atmosphere.


Despite having been designed originally for fox hunting, is currently an ideal dog to have him home. The average Beagle dogs are very active and cheerful, perfect to withstand the pace of children size. His hunting instinct also makes you be aware of everything and develop protection mechanisms.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is undoubtedly the most popular and most famous race in the world that because of the large number of registered and certified copies.

There are beautiful dogs there are different colors of light yellowish beige color, there are also in black and chocolate color, which are scarce.

We need to note that they are very intelligent, extremely docile and very good with children if raised them properly is quite dear.

They are good companions for all kinds of people of different ages and in the same way dogs are also reliable workers.

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