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Bedlington Terrier: Learn All About Your Temperament

Bedlington Terrier have a fragile lamb-like appearance, but underneath those cute little curls is a tough little dog that has the same strength and affection in equal measure.

The Bedlington Terrier Wiki enjoys being part of a home and loves to be the center of attention. Although he is loyal and affectionate to everyone, he tends to choose a family member with whom to bond more closely, and may spend all his time following him.

Also, in video of Bedlington Terrier can be seen that is a little quieter than most other breeds of terrier, which makes it a little more fun to have as a pet, although it can become brave in an instant when necessary to face a dog or also for hunting the Bedlington Terrier when chasing foxes and other vermin.

Other dogs and pets can be a problem for the Bedlington Terrier Elevage unless you have been socialized with them from an early age, after which you will learn to accept them.

However, this dog insists on being the best dog (alpha), so there will be problems if you meet a dog that is more dominant than him, so you should not be influenced by his Bedlington Terrier cuddly appearance.

But despite all this, the Bedlington Terrier is a loving boy who will reward you with loyalty and a deep desire to please you.

Bedlington Terrier Temperament

This breed is charming and at first glance might even look like a toy Bedlington Terrier, but beyond its appearance there is also a personality full of modesty and insight, in addition it is a quiet dog, happy to be a family dog, especially the companion of a child.

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It is also a terrier: aggressive, energetic and ready for action. Mainly, it is mild-mannered, usually never too shy, nervous or aggressive, but when excited, shows the courage, endurance and energy characteristic of their bloodlines terrier.

The Bedlington Terrier at work is excellent but can also be an enthusiastic playmate for children or a peaceful friend for the elderly.

Athleticism can even be seen in Bedlington Terrier images, so plan for daily walks and playtime. This dog performs well in dog sports, such as agility tests, rally and earthdog. His agile body is built for speed, so he expects you to run fast.

Instead of formal training of the Bedlington Terrier temperament, you can start training your puppy at home and socialising him with family and friends until he completes his puppy vaccinations so you can socialise him with other animals or take him for professional training.

Bedlington Terrier breed history

The Bedlington Terrier pup comes originally from the north east of England in a town called Rothbury on the Scottish/English border of Northumberland.

In fact, the breed is sometimes called Rothbury Terrier.

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the breed was still known mainly as the Rothbury Terrier and its appearance differed slightly from what is known today in that the legs were a little shorter.

These terriers were originally bred to catch a wide range of vermin such as mice, rats, badgers, rabbits, hares and foxes. The fur on the underside of their legs was thicker and longer to protect them from being stung by bugs while fighting.

They were also used by miners in Northumberland to clean the tunnels of rats, as they were experts at going underground. There is also evidence that they were used as fighting dogs, as they are extremely dominant.

Bedlington Terrier rescue

Aspects to consider in the health of the Bedlington Terrier

Despite being one of the longest living terrier breeds, the following health problems of Bedlington Terriers are known:

– Reproductive problems.

– Cataracts.

– Epiphora.

– Copper toxicosis / copper storage disease.

– Thyroid problems.

– kidney disease

– Kidney hypoplasia.

How do you clean a Bedlington Terrier?

When buying a Bedlington Terrier you should know that it is a high maintenance dog as it needs to have its coat brushed daily because tight curls can get tangled quickly and it is impossible to pass a brush if it is not brushed for a long time.

A trim is required every 6 weeks and he should bathe only occasionally, because this can make the waves disappear. Careful grooming should be done by an experienced caretaker because this breed looks quite unique and its coat should be cut correctly to improve its appearance as a lamb.

The coat on the lower legs of the terrier should be left longer as a wink to its days of catching vermin and the ears should be shaved off apart from the tips where some tasseling should be left.

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On the positive side, however, due to its woolly skin type, the Bedlington Terrier barely sheds any hair and is therefore a great hypoallergenic dog for allergy sufferers.

Bedlington Terrier Breed Training Facility

Bedlington Terriers are pretty easy to train. They learn new commands very quickly once they have discovered what you want from them and are sensitive to the tone of voice used in training.

Bedlingtons are very active and need a good amount of exercise to help burn off their energy. Two sixty-minute walks a day will help stretch your legs a bit.  They should socialize from an early age to reduce their aggression toward other dogs, especially the more dominant ones.

Keep in mind that the Bedlington will warn you and anyone nearby when a stranger or intruder is nearby. But once the stranger is inside the house and it has been made known that the stranger is accepted by his family, this terrier will welcome the newcomer with open paws. So you’ll have to be a little careful when you have visitors.


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