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Find Out What Are The Best Breeds Of Big Hairy Dogs

There’s something about big hairy dogs breeds that makes most dog lovers smile.

But while there are tons of small and medium dogs that have fluffy fur, there are only a handful of large, fluffy dog breeds.

These big, furry dogs are ideal for those places with long, cold winters, these dogs can be warm and cozy, and they’ll also provide excellent foot-warming services and first-rate snuggling sessions.

It should be noted that in these big hairy dogs, as with most breeds, the best way to maximise the softness of your coat is simply with proper grooming and maintenance.

In most cases, this means daily brushing to remove loose hairs as well as sponging the coat.

A good brush will actually increase the spongy look to separate individual hairs, while eliminating mats and tangles.


Samoyed dog breeds are the best large big hairy dogs breeds you can have at home.

These gentle giants can blend into a snowy landscape. In fact, their ancestors came from Siberia, where they helped pull sleds in that cold country.

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If you live in a place with long winters or if you just want to play with a white, fluffy dog in winter, Samoyedo breeds are great for you.

The Samoyed has one of the most incredible fluffy coats of all dogs, but it is also a high maintenance coat.

They will therefore require brushing once or twice a week under normal circumstances. Bathing the Samoyedos can also be a difficult task, and they often take hours to dry completely.

Samoyed dogs are very friendly and adventurous dogs, who love to play with their owners (or other dogs).

But they don’t enjoy being alone for long periods of time, so they are best suited for families who spend a lot of time at home.

Alaska Malamute

Alaska Malamute is a strong working breed that is often used for sledding and hiking in the harsh arctic terrain. They are the very definition of big hairy dogs breeds.

Because of their tendency to pull, dig, chase and throw, these dogs are a handful in a family home.

They are very independent and take years of training to overcome their stubbornness. That said, this dog is not recommended for first dog owners.

In addition, with a great coat comes a great hair shedding, so you’ll need the best brush to control the shedding.

Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is a Scottish breed, originally developed to graze cattle and sheep.

Their long coats are an adaptation that helps ensure they stay comfortable working outdoors in cold or inclement climates.

Barbudos Collies are usually about 55 centimeters high and 22 kilograms in weight. They have fantastic personalities, as they are kind to children and affectionate to their families.

They are also very intelligent dogs, which are very easy to train.

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Bearded Collies require a lot of exercise, like most other grazing breeds. As a result, you’ll want to avoid this breed unless you have a large fenced yard and are willing to take your pet outside for regular outreach games.


The kuvasz is not as fluffy as some of the other dogs on this list, but its hair is very dense and sometimes reaches 6 inches in length, which clearly puts the breed in the category of large furry dog breeds.

Originally developed to protect sheep and other animals in rural areas of Hungary kuvaszok (plural of Kuvasz) is a very protective dog, which will not hesitate to protect your home or family.

Consequently, they require early and frequent socialization, as well as adequate obedience training to ensure that they do not become dangerous.

This also means that they are not a great option for first time dog owners.

However, for those who have the necessary experience (and plenty of space in their home), these large dogs can be very rewarding pets.

Bernese Cattleman

The Bernese Boyeros are well rounded canines, which have a large collection of personality traits.

Unlike other big hairy dogs breeds, these dogs are actually a very good choice for first time dog owners.

They are a very loving breed of dog and love to go out with their families and their high intelligence makes them easy to train.

Just make sure you socialize them early to make sure others get along with people and other dogs.

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However, it is important that you get a Bernese Boye from a high quality and reputable breeder to avoid getting a puppy with congenital health problems.


These furry dogs have a fairly small genetic group, which means that they often suffer from a variety of health problems.

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiffs are breeds of large hairy dogs, which sometimes exceed 70 kilograms in weight and measure up to 66 centimeters high.

Fortunately, these giant, intimidating dogs are generally large and soft, loving nothing more than to be on top of their loved ones by giving them lots of love.

They may not welcome strangers with much affection, but they usually get along with other dogs and are kind to children.

However, these dogs are very intelligent, those who like to think for themselves. They are not easy to train and are often difficult for beginners to control.

Like some of the other large furry dog breeds, Tibetan Mastiffs are not suitable for the warm climate.

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