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Everything You Should Know About Braco Dog Breeds

In its native Italy, the Braco dog breeds are known as a hunting dog breed, but it is also gaining attention as a sweet and affectionate family companion.

With its long ears, drooping lips and soulful expression, the Italian Braco has a distinctive appearance. It is believed to be an ancient breed, dating back to the 4th or 5th century BC.

Although in its native land in Italy, the Braco is primarily a hunting dog, people are beginning to discover that this attractive dog, with a noble appearance and pleasing personality, is also an excellent companion and show dog.

Also known as the ‘Italian Pointer’, the Braco is capable of all types of hunting and retrieving. In the home, he is calm and gentle. Train your dog with gentleness and consistency and he will try to please you, but sharp corrections will make him stop trying.

Always alert, he will probably bark when people approach the house, but he is too gentle to be a watchdog. The Braco accepts other people, children, dogs and even cats if raised with them.

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The Italian Braco is a large dog, with short, glossy coat. The height of this dog varies from 55 to 65 centimetres and weighs between 25 to 35 kilograms. They have pendant ears which fall close to the face. The Braco has an elongated and distinguished slow trot, although this trot can develop into a gallop as speed increases.


Personality of the Braco dog



Braco dog breeds are described as cheerful but gentle. They are generally all-rounders, capable of tracking, pointing and retrieving birds and other prey on land and in water. As hunting companions they tend to be methodical and efficient.

Hunting is what the Braco is known for. If you don’t take him hunting, you will probably find him hunting butterflies, lizards or anything else that catches his eye or detects his nose. Channel his skills by teaching him to find his toys or by competing in sniffing or agility competitions.

When not hunting, he is usually a calm and sociable dog. Of course, when he is still a puppy, it helps to teach him that indoors is the place to be quiet and outdoors is the place to be active.

The Braco has a strong desire for human companionship and is often affectionate and devoted to his family.

Whether you work at home or in an office, he will probably be content to lie quietly under your desk, waiting for you to enjoy a lunchtime walk.

When you’re watching TV, he’ll curl up next to you on the couch, ignoring the fact that he’s not exactly the size to be there. You’ll probably want to draw the line at leaving him under the covers with you in bed, but don’t be surprised if he stays there with you.

With children of any age, the Braco has a reputation for being kind and gentle. That does not mean that he is a babysitter. Young children and dogs should never be left alone, regardless of how well they get along.

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History of the Braco dog


This Italian hunter is an ancient breed originating from Italy, hence the name Braco Italiano. The breed first appeared in frescoes and texts from the 4th and 5th century B.C. Later, they were bred by Gonzaga and Medici families and then bought by aristocrats and royal families, notes the American Kennel Club.

It is possible that this breed is the ancestor of the European pointer breeds, as they were often given as gifts to noble families in France and Spain.

It is believed that the white and orange dogs came from Piedmont, and were smaller in stature to better navigate mountainous areas, while the white and chestnut dogs were bred in Lombardy, which has more lowlands and marshes.

The Braco dog breeds were bred as hunting dogs with the mission of driving birds to the nets and making. After guns were introduced into the hunting world, the dogs were trained to point and retrieve.

Italian Braco dogs become loving and well-trained family pets, although that does not mean that they still do not enjoy a day’s hunting. With proper training, as well as physical and mental exercise, your pet will live a happy and fulfilling life with your family.


Living with a Braco Italiano


Braco Italiano dog breeds are suitable for individuals and families. They do well in homes with gardens that have plenty of space to burn off energy with active humans who exercise regularly, especially if Braco’s are left alone for long periods of time, such as when their owner goes to work.

Braco dog breeds

While not known for their regular barking or guarding duties, they will alert you to changes in your environment. If dogs are neglected too often and for too long, they may develop destructive habits, such as digging, excessive barking or other undesirable habits.

These dogs do not need to be bathed often; however, their ears may become dirty frequently and may need to be cleaned from time to time. Grooming should include brushing once or twice a week to remove dead hair and keep them looking their best. Nails should be trimmed weekly or bi-weekly.

Training at an early age is key for this breed. Puppies are known to be curious and adapt well to training and socialisation. However, you should not wait too long. The older you get when you start training your dog, the more stubborn he may be during his lessons.

Most dogs must wait until they receive their vaccinations to begin group lessons, but you can bring a trainer to your home or practice with your puppy until he is old enough to join an obedience class with other dogs.


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