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Everything You Need to Know About Pinscher Dogs

This breed Pinscher Dogs is known to be courageous, loyal, energetic and naturally protective of their family. These dogs mostly share common origins being all European (mostly German). Of this breed of dog, we find: the German Pinscher, the Doberman, and the popular miniature Pinscher dogs.

Many of these dogs originated in Germany with documentation dating back 200 to 400 years (which varies according to the type of dog), their usefulness was based on hunting rodents in houses and stables, today Pinschers are used as companion dogs or as guard dogs.

This breed of dog is known for being energetic, having the ability to be trained in roles such as guard dog. Pinschers are proud for the most part, and aggressive when required, but loyal dogs at the end of the day and can be a more than satisfactory companion dog for the family, or a great friend that depending on the type, can adapt to any facet of its owner’s life.


Characteristics of Pinscher dogs



One of the reasons Pinscher Dogs are loved is because we have dogs like German Pinschers, who are robust and intelligent but are also loyal companions, who love to be with the family, no matter what stage of life their owner is in, they will be a loyal dog who will enjoy their company.

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Being popular and of a large size, they adapt well to training, are independent thinkers and try to do things their own way.  This dog is believed to be a slightly smaller variant of the Doberman, although this being a much older breed.

Within this breed there is also a particular kind of dog, the Miniature Pinschers, which because of their Doberman-like appearance are mistaken for a special type of Doberman.

These dogs have a great attitude and big mouth for their size, although many call them “toy dogs” or “king of toys” they are usually very entertaining to watch and play with as they are very energetic and fearless.

Another type to note is the Doberman dog known to have a reputation for being aggressive and even sinister dogs, but despite this belief, a well groomed and trained Doberman is a loyal dog not only in the sense of respecting his owner, but also in the sense of bonding with him and being very friendly.

Like others of his breed he will only threaten with the intention of protecting his family. His being called a contradictory dog to what a Doberman is really is due to the fact that he is usually only used in guard and protection roles, sometimes neglected and giving an image to the aggressive collective, but if well trained he will be the opposite of what is believed about Dobermans.


Personality and temperament of Pinschers


Many of these Pinschers have common personalities and characteristics, such as their protective personality, being all capable of being aggressive in order to protect their owners and families, very energetic which means they have to be constantly exercised, and loyal companions that any family or individual will be completely satisfied and happy with.

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Dogs such as German Pinschers have a strong drive for prey, and their territorial behaviour makes them ideal natural protectors and attentive guard dogs.

While many of these dogs were previously used for tasks such as pest control, German Pinschers still retain that natural hunting ability and will demonstrate it when given the opportunity, hunting rats or other vermin.

So it can be beneficial to release them in yards to keep them free of pests and this can even be used as a form of exercise. If there is one thing that characterises Pinschers, it is their vigorous energy.

Their protective nature is present even in miniature Pinscher dogs, which despite their stature have a character equal to their breed of being protective, and given their energy will not hesitate to pounce on anyone, such as squirrels, cats or anyone else if they are considered suspicious.

A curious thing about them is that they are not able to recognise their own size, which makes them prone to take on much larger dogs without hesitation.

As for Doberman dogs, they have qualities of intelligence in their personality, and their trainability and courage make them a common sight in police, fire and military positions, even as a guardian for the family.

Dobermans excel at being energetic, vigilant, determined, alert, obedient and vicious. But it should be made clear that these traits are typical of well-trained Dobermans, as an uncared for Doberman will not protect its owner and will be aggressive if it does not form a bond.


What to consider when adopting one


While much of what has been described above can give you an idea of what it would be like to own one, the following should be kept in mind:

Pinscher Dogs big

– Many of the Pinschers are guardians by nature, but miniature Pinschers are not taken much into consideration as guardians, due to their size and that while they can be trained to be aggressive, they would not do the job well.

– Pinschers are not suitable for first time owners, although many are intelligent and quick to train, it is recommended that owners have knowledge of their breed, be familiar with their needs and ways of interacting, as many if not trained properly in their early days, will take on the role of “alpha” themselves, making them very difficult to handle.

– It is recommended that when owning or breeding one, it is best to housebreak them as soon as you have them in your home.

– Pinschers are very adaptable to their environment, it is best to keep them in homes with a yard, have toys or take them out for walks on a regular basis so that they can let off steam and avoid getting bored.


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