Do you Distinguish to Perfection the Different Breeds of the Dog Boyero?

The Dog Boyero is very well known nowadays due to how wonderful it is to have it in family environments. He also has great abilities to perform certain tasks, such as finding and rescuing people, and supporting therapies for children and adults. Therefore it is a dog that has very good characteristics.

The best of all is that it is a dog whose personality is usually very relaxed and outstanding for its docility, being sociable and quite intelligent.

Therefore, if you are considering adding a new dog member to your family, the Dog Boyero is one of the best options you can choose, because the love that you and your family members will have is as great as your love. size.

However, if your family group tends to sedentary lifestyle then this breed of dog may not be ideal for you since they need to be physically active quite often.


At first, this breed oDog Boyero carefullf dog was created with the purpose of that it was carried out in driving flocks, although also it was used enough to watch the houses.

Sometimes they even fulfilled roles of great importance in the fighting, although this is information that very few people know since it is generally considered to be a very affectionate dog, who likes affection and learns quickly, but in addition to this He is also an excellent watchdog even if he does not seem so.

However, the way in which this dog behaves may vary a bit, since although it is currently a dog for family environments, it is also very useful for the performance of various functions since it is a dog that loves work and is capable of supporting diversity of climates.

Dog Boyero diseases

Dog Breed Dog Boyero Types


* Flemish Mountain Dog Boyero: It is characterized by its enormous size, its origin goes back to the area of ​​Flanders which is made up of different countries such as Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

It has large amount of hair which is usually a black or dark brown, however sometimes it is also possible to find them light brown. The head of these is large in which is a beautiful mustache and a very dense beard.

It is excellent for family environments as well as guard dog, it is also very sociable and affectionate.

* Australian Bernese Dog Boyero: The existence of this breed is in the 19th century, therefore its antiquity is not much, it is also usually called as an Australian Shepherd Shepherd. The coat of this breed of dog is double and has spots.

Their ears are large and their fur can be found with different shades and characteristics such as specks, bluish black, freckles, etc.

The tail of the Australian Mountain Dog has a curve when it is resting, it is also a dog that enjoys working.

It performs efficiently driving flocks, but they are often used to detect drugs and bombs, and to rescue people.

* Dog Boyero the Ardenas: They are usually located in the border area between France and Germany. The coat of these dogs is short and of diverse colors, the only place where they do have a characteristic color is in the face which is completely black.

The ears are of a tiny size and are perennial, very similar to when entering alertness, and in the look of these dogs it is reflected that they are vivacious. They are very good for working in the field and for driving flocks.

Dog Boyero puppies

The Dog Boyero is wonderful that it is to have it in familiar surroundings


* Bernese Mountain Dog: It is a fairly large dog, which is why if you think you have one of these you need to have a space with enough dimensions for the dog to live comfortably.

Bernese Mountain Dog weighs approximately 50 kilograms. Its origins date back to Switzerland from mountainous areas.

The fur is usually black with white and a little brown in the chest area. His intelligence is incredible which makes him ideal to perform different tasks.



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