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Detail These Interesting Chinese Dog Breeds

China is known for its ancient stories and mythology with impressive dragons, great warriors, and tales of epic wars. But China is also home to many chinese dog breeds, many of which are popular around the world. From large, small, and even hairless; there are breeds of all styles to suit every taste.

Many of these dog breeds are very old, they are also incredibly unique like their country.  Chinese dog breeds were bred to be guardians, hunters and as pets. There are some of these breeds that have some peculiarities, such as lack of hair and wrinkles. Some of these dogs are even considered to be mini lions.

In ancient China, the dog was considered a prized and even sacred animal, being very common among high class people and in various monasteries. Although there are still many dogs as pets in China today, there are still regulations on dog ownership that predate decades ago.

Interestingly, in ancient times China was inaccessible to the rest of the world, so many of these breeds did not become known until the 16th century.

Chinese dog Pug

Everyone knows this funny and quirky breed, with its steep nose and deep wrinkles.  Characterised by their flattened face, stocky body and curly tail, Pugs have a long history. Even as far back as 400 BC, they were encouraged by Buddhist monks to own a Pug, and were even considered sacred dogs.

Chinese Dog names

They are among the most intelligent dog breeds, with a playful personality, although they become calmer over time. They are dogs that can be stubborn, but not in a negative way, so they are very easy to train.

Among the Chinese dog breeds, this one in particular loves children, and this makes them the perfect choice for families with children, and a great advantage of Pugs is that they are rarely aggressive.

They are also usually kept close to frequent guests, as they like to be with people who are familiar to them. They are surprisingly strong for their size and require more exercise than you might think considering they are a small breed.


The Pekingese is a very small, friendly dog. It is one of the most popular Chinese dog breeds, so much so that there was a time when you had to be royalty to own one.

This breed is also known as “lion dogs” because they resemble the ancient Chinese lion statues found in temples and palaces. Their name was given in commemoration of the ancient Chinese capital; Peking, although nowadays it is Beijing.

One thing that characterises this breed is its golden coat, and although it is a relatively small dog it is very happy and affectionate.  A curious thing is that these dogs rarely sit on people’s laps.

Because they were bred to be appearance dogs, they are very sleepy by nature, but owners should try to keep them active to prevent them from gaining weight.

Although one of the breed’s shortcomings is that it is known to have multiple health problems, such as overheating due to its large coat, to respiratory problems due to its short nose.

Shar Pei

The Shar Pei is one of the best known dogs in the world for its wrinkled appearance and curly tail. Its name can be translated as “sandy skin” because of its rough coat.

The breed is believed to have originated around 200 BC in a village in southern China. This makes them one of the oldest Chinese dog breeds still in existence today.

Chinese Dog breeds

They were originally bred as guard dogs, which is why today they have the traits that all guard dogs possess, such as a distrust of strangers. But they are also very loyal to their owners, to the extent that they are very responsive and able to dispel someone’s suspicions if their owner accepts them calmly.

They are very energetic and very intelligent dogs, requiring plenty of exercise and mind-stimulating play. Shar Peis have small, triangular ears that sit on their head and a tail that curls over their back. They have a wrinkled face, their coat is short and harsh, but they can also have a very soft coat.

Chow Chow

The Chow Chow originated in northern China, although its exact time and place is still disputed. They are big, hairy, strong and respectable dogs. With a peculiar characteristic in that they look like giant teddy bears.

They were originally bred as hunting and fighting dogs, and their coat makes them adaptable to cold weather. This is why they are so popular today as guard dogs.

Chow Chow are known for their robust appearance, having a square head and a large body, their coat is very thick and fluffy and can be soft or rough.

A remarkable feature of them is their ability to be left alone. They are curious as most dogs are very sociable creatures. However, this does not mean that they despise the company of their owners or family members.

Chinese Dog statues

Another characteristic is that they are active, so they need exercise to keep them from getting bored and gaining weight. An interesting fact about these dogs is that together with the Shar Pei they are the only ones with a black and blue tongue.

Kunmíng Wolfdog

The Kunmíng Wolfdog, so called because it originated from domestic dog breeds crossed with a wolf. Giving them a wild appearance along with their temperament.  However they are also popular pets for many families. They have a very similar appearance to a German Shepherd, in their size and physique.

Unlike other Chinese dog breeds, these are very recent compared to the other older breeds mentioned.

They have small paws, which even look a little like those of a cat. Also like felines these dogs loosen and straighten their tails as a sign of alertness.

They are a very intelligent breed and can be trained quickly and easily. One of the reasons why they are very useful for police and military work. Despite their size they are surprisingly well behaved with family members. They love to please their owners which is why they are not so stubborn and obedient.


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