How to take care of a Siberian dog

Meet the 4 Most Outstanding Characteristics of the Siberian Dog

The Siberian dog is recognized worldwide for having a sociable, friendly, playful nature and also for being very attached to the family. It is a Nordic dog, which comes from the east of Siberia.

A tribe called Chukchi was the first to have contact with this breed, they used the Siberian dog as a companion dog and at the same time as an assistant to pull the sleds.

Which is still usually done in certain parts of the world. With the passage of time they were dispersed throughout the planet.

The Chukchis raised these dogs in a completely familiar environment, surrounded by children; so the dogs became part of the family.

 The Siberian Husky has the particularity that he is faithful to every member of his family, and he is also very friendly to anyone who crosses his path, although this does not mean that they have many friends.

Siberian dog breeds

Because of all this the Siberian Dogs have earned the reputation of being very friendly and dedicated to their family and acquaintances.

If you are in search of a guard dog or at least pose a threat to prevent the entry of intruders, this breed of dog is definitely not the best option, because instead of causing terror in strangers.

You will receive warmly without no type of problem; this as a consequence of the fact that in the beginning they were cared for by the women of the Chukchi tribe, and because of this they got used to being surrounded by people and to depend on them.

1) The Siberian dog is very receptive to training, in addition to that the training is a necessity for this breed, since they require a lot of discipline.

This has been the case since its origins since, when they pulled the sleds, the driver of the same had to have full confidence in the ability of the dogs to fulfill the assigned task.

Siberian dog price

Highlights that you should know about the Siberian dog breeds


Therefore, the dogs had to have an irreproachable behavior, specifically when it was the dog that led the pack.

The Siberian Husky always selects a guide, and in this case the person was that guide who should be in charge of directing them.

2) It is a dog able to adapt to very low temperatures, since its country of origin is quite cold, so the high temperatures can become quite annoying for them.

As their body is adapted to the Arctic climate, they can withstand snow and ice without any problem, but when it comes to heat and humidity the adaptation will be difficult.

It is important to remember this if you want to have a Siberian pet dog, keep in mind that if you live in a hot area you should provide shade and lots of water.

Regardless of whether the length of time is short, you should never leave it inside a parked car when the temperature is too high. Their genes are not able to withstand heat, which is why they are prone to die from overheating.

3) They are very neat dogs. They usually change their fur constantly, so they stay very clean and do not usually have the typical strong dog smell.

Siberian dog white

The Siberian dog meme is very receptive to training, plus training is a necessity for this breed


At the same time they are easy for grooming, although it seems quite the opposite for the large amount of fur they have, just by brushing them in the right way will suffice.

It is essential to brush them frequently, because in case of not doing so the fur will become tangled and dirty more than it should.

4) The Siberian dog is originally a dog intended for work, in fact it is like an instinct that they still possess. If you want to own a Husky, you should consider that you should burn your energy by doing various activities.

If the dog will not use it to work, then you should place him to exercise, otherwise he will feel very bored since he is a very active dog.

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