4 Symptoms That Indicate The Presence Of Cystitis In Your Cat

Cystitis in cats is very similar to cystitis that can suffer human disease. This is inflammation of the urinary bladder, which causes discomfort during urination especially.


What are the main causes? Stress is the main, but can also cause, an infection by a virus or bacteria, obesity or related to bladder tumors.


If you want to know the symptoms of a cat, in this article we explain what behaviors your pet can make you suspicious.

The first thing you do if you see that your cat has any of these symptoms are undoubtedly go to the vet: he will confirm you know what’s wrong and cure.


The most obvious symptoCystitis rapidm and one of the first humans can notice that in felines is the number of times you urinate.

This is something we always have to look, because the cat can not communicate feeling bad and, therefore, more difficult to detect their illnesses.

Associated with the highest frequency of urination cat, another sign of the high frequency of drinking water.

This is caused because they lose lots of fluids in their urination (even small ones, there are many), so you need to drink more than usual.

Cystitis in cats is very similar to  disease can suffer human

Another symptom of a cat to urinate pain you feel because your bladder is somewhat damaged.

You will know if there is this pain because when the cat urinates, he evidently meow.

Also, if you see that the genital area, also take him to a specialist is lame, because it’s another symptom.

  Cystitis icd 10

If you see more than normal urine or urine with great effort, you might have cystitis causes.


Blood in the urine of the cat is also a clear warning sign of cystitis. However, this symptom is very important because if the cat does not have cystitis.

Blood in the urine indicates that something is wrong, you may have some other illness.

In male cats, cystitis can cause complete blockage of the urethra, so that urination can stop completely.

If you notice that your cat tries to urinate but can not, you may also suffer from cystitis.

Cystitis treatment

Cystitis treatment in cats is very similar to  disease can suffer human


Also a very common symptom of this disease in cats is small voids that can make the animal out of the box you have to do.

This is caused by their lack of control over their urination due to urethral obstruction.

That is, the cat does not realize that he has to urinate and, therefore, does not go to your site to.



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