5 Simple And Valuable Tips To Relieve Mastitis In Dog!!!

Canine mastitis is a very common condition in dogs that are nursing their pups, but may also occur in dogs with psychological pregnancies.

This condition is an inflammation of the breast that can cause pain and discomfort in the dog and also causes a loss of quality in breast milk causing it to become infected which can lead to death of the puppies.

Identify and cater to your pet to prevent or control this condition is essential to ensure their welfare and litter.

How mastitis occurs?

During lactation canine puppies are stacked in their mother’s breasts to get the milk they need.

They can press on the area with nails which sometimes can cause damage to the delicate breasts of the bitch, who have an immune system weakened by the recent birth can be a victim of infections in this area.

Mastitis aguda

These infections produce a number of symptoms in the breast of the dog but, additionally, the bacteria can also infect the milk and passed on to the puppies by this.

Causing them in more severe cases death. It is very important to closely monitor our dog’s health in order to make it during breastfeeding is healthy and prevent while sick puppies.

Symptoms of canine mastitis

It is normal while the bitch is suckling be tired and even a little thin, but in a natural condition usually eat a bitch nursing liquid and replenish energy.

When we look very listless it is time to pay attention to identify the symptoms of mastitis in dogs, among them:

Apathy and fatigue.
Loss of appetite.

Extreme hardness and much redness in the breast.

Sore boobs which makes the dog avoids to breastfeed puppies. By retaining milk bitch runs the risk of further infection.

Vomiting and / or diarrhea
As pups weight loss or failure to gain weight in evidence, indicating or not sucking or milk it is infected.

Mastitis bovina

Canine mastitis in dogs is a very common condition in dogs that are nursing their puppies


These signals is essential to consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.
How to prevent mastitis in my bitch

Prevent mastitis in dogs is not always simple, however the cleaner is the area in which the mother nurses the puppies run less risk of this condition is present, so it is recommended:

Set puppies ingest breast milk all of the dog, it is important to ensure that the milk flows properly.

Keep the area where the dog is with puppies as clean as possible, any waste of dogs or mother must be collected and removed. It is also important to check the legs of puppies to make sure no stool, if so you should clean them well.

If the dog allows you to zoom without difficulty then you should clean her tits with gauze soaked in water several times a day. In doing so you can check the status of the same and the presence of wounds or injuries.

Mastitis en perros

When we look very listless it is time to pay attention to identify the symptoms of mastitis in dogs


What if my dog has mastitis

If you notice one or more of the symptoms mentioned above is very important that you take your dog to the vet immediately.

A specialist can diagnose whether it is mastitis and provide the best antibiotic treatment for the speedy recovery of your dog.

It is also likely that in these cases is necessary to give the puppy milk through a bottle until the time when they can take their own split then move on solids, the specialist will tell you the best way.



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