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7 Medium Dogs Breeds that Provide Satisfaction to Children

The maximum and prestigious world associations that classify the medium dogs breeds  and encompass the criteria in this regard in the 5 continents and recognize 343 varieties of dog breeds, among which are located particularly the races of medium dogs breed.

Although experts in the subject have different opinions on the cataloging of medium dogs breed, all agree in the multiple benefits for both the human and every pet to be loved and therefore adequately cared for by his master.

Look at the benefits they provide.

Medium dogs breed are the most tender beautiful and playful pets for children, who adore them and in turn is an excellent opportunity for them to begin learning that is the love of living beings, which means great joy But also attention and responsibility.

If they are older, medium dogs breed also give their unconditional affection and company, collaborating with the emotional health of their caregivers, but in the case of any adult.

Medium Dogs Breeds list


It is undeniable that they are a source of pleasure, companionship and even opportunity for Physical exercise for both, enough and spare the aforesaid to give back to the noble animal all offering enough care to lead a healthy and happy life.

The most beautiful specimens of the medium sized dog breeds, the most known and whose weight to enter this category, ranges from 15 to 24 kg, among them are

The Boxer, is a dog hard but docile, brave, loyal, good caretaker and even over protective with those who consider his, active and patient with children.

The Dalmatian is unmatched by his impressive profile, kindly affectionate with strangers, due to meticulous cleaning his dog perciuna when he touches something dirty, sympathetic in special situations and very patient with children.

The Schnauzer in his version of the medium dogs breed, is perfect watchful, faithful loving, always alert.

Not only for aesthetics but for health requires special attention with washing, drying and hair styling.

Medium Dogs Breeds names

In humans, as in the medium dogs breed for families, medical control of major diseases is very important


Poodle Terrier enthusiasts, bouncers, enthusiasts, require special hair care.

Al Chow Chow is characterized as attractive, exotic, good mascot for adults, although it is a single owner, merit educated from the beginning of the relationship to obey and lower the level of aggressiveness.

The Collie, is not pure fame for his histrionic abilities, considered one of the best pets, really faithful, guardian of the house and extremely docile with the children, to the point that one has to be attentive because it resorts to the bark what in an excess Would require obedience classes.

The Cocker Spaniel is an excellent dog to hunt for his keen sense of smell, he is intelligent, affectionate, likes mime, enter some of them in the range of medium dogs breed.

Medium Dogs Breeds in India

All pets require medical attention.

The dogs in general so that they remain healthy and contented they need feeding fun and veterinary control according to the age and specific needs.

There are 343 varieties of dogs breed, among which are the medium dog breeds chart


In this sense, medium dog breeds require larger spaces where they can exercise to be healthy, according to the particular activity level of each breed, the respective accompaniment of their owners is required, if it is high more than 30 minutes,

Average Of 20 to 30 minutes or less of less than 20 minutes, as far as the temperament is necessary to see if they are sociable or affective to offer caresses, treatment and contact with humans and with their congener.

In humans, as in the medium dogs breed, medical control of major diseases is very important, such as cystitis, which usually affects the elderly, also distemper, attacks small dogs is contagious and can be mortal.

The arthritis that is evolutionary, the heartworm caused by several types of parasites, otitis due to inflammation in the auditory canal and the parvo virus that can give to all races and all ages, which in addition to contagious, is Severe affecting the gastrointestinal tract and even the heart.

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