4 Easy Things to do if your Dog Poisoned by Drinking Liquid Bleach

My dog poisoned drank liquid bleach or chlorine bleach is a common item in every home, but it’s not a secret that this is a highly toxic ingredient for both humans and pets, why it is essential to keep away from children and pets.

But when a neglect our dog has access to this product and swallowed, it is essential to act quickly to avoid greater evils.

When a dog ingests any toxic substance can have a variety of symptoms that depend basically on the quantities consumed.

The most common signs of poisoning are vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain and, in severe cases, respiratory problems, loss of consciousness and convulsions

If you discover your dog drinking bleach or suspect has taken the first thing you should do is go to an emergency vet, regardless of the animal not yet have symptoms.

dog poisoned by neighbor

When a dog drinks bleach or bleach need urgent medical attention, because only a specialist can make a stomach cleaning and ensure the health of your pet.

However if the dog begins to show significant symptoms before going to the vet.

Or if the specialist is not near your house, we can apply some first aid measures for dogs in order to help our pet. Therefore we recommend:

No cause vomiting in your dog.

Lye is a corrosive substance and if you produce vomiting animal could cause damage to your esophagus, causing burns.

The first thing to do if you suspect your dog drank bleach, is to wash your mouth with water, give thus combat the effects of chlorine in this area.

dog poisoned by frod

When a Dog Poisoned at Crufts Drink Bleach is in Urgent Need of Medical Care.


Then you must provide the animal 30 ml of milk for every 3 kilos of weight. The milk will help reduce the presence of acid in the stomach. You can use a needleless syringe to give this liquid the dog.

If you do not have milk, using the same measure and supplies water to the dog.

Once you have applied these measures, then moved the animal to the nearest emergency veterinary center to be seen by a specialist.

Dog Poisoned Symptoms

 My dog  poisoned symptoms drank liquid bleach or chlorine bleach is a common item in every home.


If the bleach has affected the animal’s skin, ie that it is an external injury, wash the area with cool water for 30 minutes, then move the dog to the vet for a complete overhaul.

For more information about how to respond to an emergency with your pet, we invite you to consult our article with tips on first aid for dogs.


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