Mating of Dogs

5 Keys to Keep in Mind Regarding Mating of Dogs.

Mating of dogs, also in the canine existence, the social status marks differences at the time of the exercise of the amatory arts.

According to investigations by authorities in the health area, in the case of dogs called urban or street dogs, the mating of dogs becomes a problem of hygiene for them and society, when the characteristic proliferation of their species goes beyond adoption, foundations.

Organizations, or houses of shelter destined to their care and maintenance, leaving them the only opportunity of the sacrifice.

Therefore it is recommended to think about adopting one of these dogs when you need a pet. It is a characteristic of responsibility to make sure before proceeding to the mating of dogs to stay with the puppies, to actually have interested buyers or to give them to those who can have them and to take care of them.

Otherwise the pups would go to foundations or to the sacrifice that is not the Dear alternative, to this faithful friend.


On the other hand, in the case of breed dogs, accurately identifying the time, signals, necessary conditions, process of mating dogs and facilitating mating, will be the indispensable priority guarantor of projecting in the future the achievement of a good herd , Whatever its purpose whether for sale or for gift.

Mating of Dogs with pictures

The first thing to do when deciding to mating dogs is the veterinary check, not only to verify that the general biological conditions are healthy, but to check the specific conditions necessary such as vaginal cytology, fertility screening of both the Male and female. Also by particular cases of certain races or affections that could be related to the mount.

The importance of optimal age for mating of dogs is directly related to fertility, the highest point of fertility ensures maturity of ovules in the female and of sperm in the male which means quality and quantity of pups for the herd .

Experts consider that the best age of the female for the crossing is 1 year and a half to 2 years (between 18 and 24 months) in coincidence with their second or third ovulation, males should have a minimum 1 year and a half.

Talking about dog mating is talking about the process that begins with courtship or mutual acceptance signals for the encounter, such as play, nibbling, and sniffing. When entering a period of estrus, not yet ready for copulation, the female begins to generate and spread in the urine pheromones that act as stimulating messages for males, who manage to feel them from miles away, responding with the erection of their member.

Capturing the message of sexual availability sent by them. If she is not ready and tries to be mounted she will not allow it, becoming aggressive if the dog insists, in such a way that the procession can take several hours.

Mating of Dogs habits

A perfect pairing or mating of dogs .


During the mating of dogs, the mating occurs at the time of greatest fertility, consists of copulation, the second day of estrus with bleeding, when the dog will indicate by tilting the tail, leaving the genitals exposed and staying still before the Male, whose behavior is usually also explicit.

Sniffing the face and sides, licking the vulva and several attacks with rhythmic movements, until achieving penetration having a first ejaculation of clear liquid without sperm, here the male turns around completing the erection, happens the so-called buttoning, leaving the two in the opposite posture The one of the other, and a second ejaculation of white color and loaded of spermatozoa.

The buttoning happens because the base of the penis becomes inflamed and stays hooked in the vulva of the female while going to ejaculate, during a time of approximately 45 to 60 minutes, once it has totally ejaculated, the glans is relaxed, it loses thickness and they can separate .

Specificities to be taken into account when mating dogs:

The female chooses the male, should not let the male mount it if she does not want because it could hurt and traumatize it.

You must select a site, the dog feels nervous in another’s territory and confident in its own environment, being the most desirable to move the dog. Take your favorite toy, cushion.

Mating of Dogs wild

It is favorable to make previous visits to enter into trust and determine the acceptance of the suitors.

Natural perfume through a toy cushion or boyfriend’s blanket stimulates a previous olfactory knowledge.

Mating of dogs becomes a problem of hygiene for them and society, when the proliferation goes beyond adoption


Experts recommend in the case of first-timers, prepare them a comfortable and intimate space, without distractions and without looking at them. Attention to a floor, rug or mat of good grip, anti slip. Maybe they need to help them get positioned, do it with the female, because the male could lose interest.

Almost all the dogs accept the couple chosen by their owners, but if they do not show the slightest mutual interest or are attacked it’s time to get them another couple.

Mating must be spontaneous, without forcing either. Failure to do so spontaneously would mean that one of the two is unprepared. Give them time to feel comfortable and go at their pace.

Do not allow a second rendezvous in the same encounter as it is painful for her and can abhor and attack the male.

To ensure pregnancy, repeat the assembly two days after the first meeting.

It is important to offer help to the couple because the inexperience of the dogs can affect when crossing, whether by anxiety, imbalance or lack of chemistry.

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