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The 8 Most Outstanding Breeds of Sheep dog Know Which Are

Undoubtedly having a sheep dog as a pet in the house gives us company, love and love, specifically if it is a sheep breed dog, as these are able to create great and intense affective ties with their owners.

This type of dog is the one for you, if you are looking for a friend with loyal characteristics and loyalty.

Even though I can not express your feelings towards you verbally, it will take care of letting you know how much she loves you in other non-verbal ways.

When referring to the sheep dog, there is no mention of a particular breed, but reference is made to a species of dog that has the peculiarity of working together with its owner in tasks such as handling, caring and guiding the sheep or goat.

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The sheep dog can be classified into two elementary types: guard dogs, are responsible for protecting the herd of various attacks from other animals, including wild dogs.

And the dogs of carea, are those that fulfill the function of guiding and controlling the herd of sheep.

  • German Shepherd: He is a very noble and intelligent dog, he likes to socialize and even play with children and adults, besides that he likes to be in constant activity, therefore it is an active canine.
  • Another outstanding feature is that it obeys the orders you give it, it will comply with them correctly.

Most government agencies train him to help in emergency situations, rescuing, even to find people missing due to natural disasters.

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The most important breeds of sheep dog trials are varied

  • Bobtail: He is pretty smart, loving and likes to socialize a lot. They tend to be very loyal to their owners, and love to receive love from their family environment, also enjoy environments where harmony prevails. It is a dog with great stability in terms of the balance of their emotions and their behavior.
  • Border Collie: It is a reckless, intelligent and changing canine, in the sense that it adapts to a diversity of situations. He loves to face any circumstance that comes his way. It is an animal with a high degree of obedience, which simplifies the process of teaching and training it. At the same time, it has a great amount of strength, and loves to exercise it when playing to have fun and be happy with its owners.
  • Australian Cattle: It is a dog from Australia, and is the one when it comes to fulfilling jobs of great intensity that need canines that are very strong. He loves to be active and is very intelligent, he is also loyal and enjoys always walking in a family environment.

He is alert for the benefit of his owner to protect him, he does not feel empathy when strangers approach him because of his protective personality.

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  • Bernese Mountain Dog: He loves to share with family and have fun with adults and children alike. It is always alert and when it detects some situation out of the normal, it usually indicates it using its powerful bark. It is a dog that serves to monitor and has the ability to adapt to different places, regardless of whether they are large or small.

When referring to the sheep dog and wolf, there is no mention of a particular breed, but reference is made to a kind of dog

  • Pastor Brie: It is a suitable hound for the protection of houses in case of robberies. They tend to be attentive to everything that happens around them, when a stranger approaches, they do as much as possible to get them away from their territory and thus keep their owner safe.
  • Welsh Corgi Cardigan: He has a great intelligence, he loves to be taught new things in a constant way and then execute them and put them into practice. He is also extremely loving, loyal and likes to show affection to his family.
    • Belgian Shepherd: A dog with great agility, strength and totally apt to exercise diverse functions. It is a dog that demonstrates many of its emotions, it is also coercive and disciplined; and very much enjoy sharing with people.

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